Monday, June 1, 2009

i hate dr stuff

To be precise - I hate ct scans. Today I had a follow-up ct scan since "they" found a spot on my kidney last year. To my credit, I was a strong advocate for myself, insisting that the iv be placed in my hand. That's always where it ends up anyway, but usually they first tear through my arm before starting on my hands.

So good for me for insisting on my hands. Didn't do much good, however. The right hand was a dismal failure even after multiple sticks, digging around with the needle, then puffing my hand up with saline as she tested to see if the needle was in the vein.

It wasn't.

Left hand worked better but it still hurt like crap.

I finally realized, however, that what I really hated about the whole experience was being in that ct machine itself. There was so much waiting and with my arms above my head (and hands hurting) I felt very out of control. Even scared.

It really made me empathize with those going through chronic illness. I don't know what I'd do if I ever had to deal with that myself. Guess I'd have to pull the ol' disassociation skills out of storage and dust them off. To those of you who are dealing with constant medical care or have loved ones who are - you have all my respect and tons of prayers from me.


JRH said...

Have you tried drinking a ton of water about an hour before getting a blood draw or IV? It makes a huge difference between how easy or difficult it is for the nurse to find a vein.

JennInAustin said...

yes - I drink tons anyway. veins are apparently very delicate and small. I've been told by numerous medical folks that I have veins like a kid. No matter what....this is an issue. Bleah.....