Saturday, June 6, 2009

General update, separated thematically.....

Personal Relationships: Yesterday was our 16th wedding anniversary. The date part of it is tonight, however, because last night was the kickball party at the coach's super-fancy house. Luckily, one of the dads brought a bunch of beer so I was able to start drinking before the other wimpy women who had to wait for white wine. (

Work: Um. It's fine. I went back to my old place of work this week and could practically feel my heart ache with homesickness. (I'm quite serious.) HOWEVER....I'm doing my best to leverage my current situation into something better. And that truly is good for me. This has been an amazing year in that regard because I've learned that "networking" is not the nasty word I always thought it is. All it means is talking to people (not a problem for me), being honest about what you want out of life (absolutely not a problem for me), and finding out that most people are very generous and giving and happy to help.

Excercise: You may have noticed that my "reluctant runner" section is stuck in the past. This is NOT an oversight on my part. It is, rather, an indication that I've fallen off the wagon. I dreamed about running as an escape last night in the middle of a very stressful and depressing dream. So....obviously it's beginning to mean something to me. I don't want to lose that. Truthfully, I'm so bummed about my weight and how I can't figure it out that I think that's throwing me off a bit. And on that note...

Doctor Stuff: The results from the CT scan came back. I was a bit nervous because it was the doctor herself who called but she was calling to tell me my kidney is simply fabulous. Nice to know. On Monday I'm going to the doctor visit at which I'd better get some answers. It's the second visit to the endocrinologist. I will be pretty devasted if she tells me nothing's wrong with me and she doesn't know why I have these 20 extra pounds. So I'm actually HOPING that something is wrong with me. (Oh...side note: it took a good 5 days for the pain from the IV to stop. I then replaced that bruise with an enourmous one on my left thigh from running into the nice meeting room table at my old place of work when I visited this week. Very graceful.)

I was going to do a section on "spirituality" but I realized that I'm still coalescing my thoughts on that piece. Plus it doesn't lend itself to the kind of brief update that I used for my other issues.

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