Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The kickball season is over. I must admit I have a great big "whew" that must follow my previous statement, but I'm also REALLY glad we did it. I'm primarily glad about the fact that my daughter can't wait to do it again next spring. She feels this way EVEN THOUGH she had a coach who was pretty darn mean. He insulted the girls whenever they lost and was incapable of seeing the good in them.

Crummy, right?

I was pretty worried it might ruin the game for her but I'm thrilled that she didn't let that happen. I spent the season telling her she had every right to be mad about it, that she didn't have to like it, and that I had her back. I also told her that she would almost definitely have at least one boss during her life who would make her life miserable, and the trick is to not let that person ruin everything for you.

In short - I completely resisted the urge to be a "helicopter parent." I didn't rescue her, just gave her plenty of support. And she did it! That's my girl.

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