David's Photography

My children have their own personal paparazzi. His name is David - and he's their dad. When we first met, back in 1990, I was impressed with his dark room set up - he developed black and white photographs the old fashioned way. With funny-smelling chemicals. 

Although I could fill pages and pages with photographs of almost every second of each child's life, this page contains some of the really lovely non-human photographs David's taken recently. He deserves his own blog, but he'll have to make do with a page on mine for the time being. Life's just tough all over, ain't it?

After this first posting, I'll try to remember to post the most current pictures at the top of the page so you don't have to scroll down to see the most current ones.

Squirrels in Snow...February 4, 2011 - having just as much fun as my kids did.

The baby red-tailed hawks are growing up and stretching their wings a bit. Here's some new pictures. It's so adorable because they look down at us while we're peering up at them. I wonder what they're thinking of us...
  Three little sibling birds in a row.

 I love how this one seems to be looking at us quizzically.

Orion's Nebula

David's love for photography is closely matched by his love of astronomy. (Have I ever mentioned that we spend most of our free time as a couple and a family watching science shows? We're total Nova geeks.)

He took these pictures of Lady Luna with his telescope and camera. Or...for those of you more technically-minded than me...with his 110 mm refractor telescope (the equivalent, according to David, of a 1300 mm zoom lens) and his Nikon D300.

I still think these pictures are kind of romantic, even after typing out the equipment specs.

Here's a particularly cool factoid. A red-tailed hawk family recently moved into one of the very tall trees in our front yard. The only way to see them well is with magnification - here are some pictures of the parents and the baby. 

Our first clue that they were somewhere around were two dead birds - an owl and a wren. Clearly these are birds you don't want to annoy.

For years, my daughter has said that red-tailed hawks are her favorite birds. How cool is it that they've taken up residence with us? Each evening, we've been trekking into the front yard for a nature show.