Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mom the T-Rex

I got a funny Facebook message from the head of the daycare where I used to work. My son is attending the summer camp there and after they visited the dinosaur park in Bastrop, he told her: "My mom was a vegetarian for 3 months and then she started eating meat like a T-Rex!"

I cracked up and told her that, technically, I was a vegetarian for 6 YEARS, but who's counting right?

I'm sure all the kids at the summer camp now have this visual image of me tearing into meat with absolutely no table manners. Sometimes I really resent the fact that I'm having to eat meat. I don't always like it at all. Today my iron took a very serious dip...I could barely stand up, so I ended up having to eat some beef jerky really fast and it totally grossed me out.

After that, I fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon - had bizarre dreams - and felt more human afterwards. Note that I felt HUMAN....not like a carniverous dinosaur.

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Renee said...

That is so funny!!! (not the part about the scarfing beef jerky, the Dennis part!) LOL