Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Alone Time Quandary

I'll be on my own this afternoon and evening because I'm going to a wedding but the rest of my family will be going out to see family. It's a total bummer from a wedding reception perspective since I'll have no date with which to dance (granted, my best bet was my 6 year old son - but still...better than nothing). On the other hand, I'll have a few hrs on my own and there are all sorts of choices. I'm sure I'll run but after that will I do yoga or go to a movie? As a mom, when you have a whole afternoon to yourself it kind of blows the mind. Right now, I'm at the last swim meet of the season (whew) - cheering on my daughter, who just won her heat in the 25 mtr freestyle. Woo-hoo! She's got a good shot at her backstroke heat also. She's inspiring me to be more competitive.

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