Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baby you're much too fast....

My husband has always dreamed of having a 1981 Corvette. Well, guess what - now he has one! Too cool. He saw one for a good price (an amazing price, actually) on eBay - just a few miles up the road from us and I INSISTED that he go for it.

We picked it up tonight! Seriously - it's fabulous. The only bad thing is that EVERY SINGLE ONE of our babysitter options are busy this weekend. I'm dying! It's our anniversary and I want to go out in the Corvette!

Here's a picture of our kids looking in the window and drooling all over it. They were super excited. We didn't tell them what we were going to pick up until we got there and they saw it. They kept saying: "You mean we get to KEEP it????" There was some major discussion about who got to ride in it first. My eldest won the coin toss but when kid brother started crying, she let him have the first ride. Then dad took her around the block a few times when we got home...of course - I still haven't had a ride! (But my time is coming.)

Now....if only Corpus Christi wasn't so far away. My 20th high school reunion is this August and it would be SO AMAZING to show up in this car. Hmmm............

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