Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Look What I Can Do, Mom!!! (And everyone else too...)

My glass fusing class is over and I have to say - when your friends are right, they are RIGHT. It was so totally and completely cool! I loved it and it was very therapeutic. Probably the best part about it, however, was when I brought my plates home. My youngest got SUPER excited and just raved about them. (wow!) He can't wait to do it himself now.

Here's the first plate I made...I kept it flat so I could hang it in my bedroom or bathroom. I made it purposely to go with my green rooms. I cut the leaves and used a "tack fuse" to make them stick to the base.


Here's the second plate I made. I'm extremely pleased with this - I wanted to make a neat "tapas" plate to use in my blue and white kitchen and this turned out just as I imagined! (Well...more or less....but it sure is better art than I would have expected from me.) I'm also pretty proud of this one because I made the mold for this one by hand. This is a "full fuse" - thus it isn't bumpy.


Here's plate number three. It is also a "tack fuse" (i.e. - bumpy) but this time it's a circle.


There's one more that has yet to be "slumped" (molded) - I have to wait a few days for that one but I just couldn't wait to post about the first three! I have already named plate number four my "Skittles Bowl" - you'll see why if it works out and doesn't break in the kiln.

So....go ahead. Ooooo and aaaaahhhh over my art.

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