Saturday, May 2, 2009

Play it where it lies....

The funeral I attended today was probably the most joyful celebration of life I've ever seen. I was profoundly touched - probably in large part because I found out that the gentleman who passed away used to write poetry for special occasions - just like my dad does.

The pastor used golfing analogies during his eulogy and, although I know nothing at all about golf (and have no interest in pursuing that sport) - one of his references just won't let me go. He said that one of the life lessons of golf is to "play it where it lies." How often in life are we served up what we expected, or hoped for? Not too often. But that's where the ball is (so to speak) so that's what we've got to work with. I tend to get so excited, so anxious - so ready to move forward to the next thing in life...that I forget to just take a deep breath and play that ball right where it is.

And, honestly - why would I want to rush through my life? Although Ihave certainly had a few blue moments...all in all - when I look at my life with 20/20 hindsight - I can tell that the ball ended up exactly where it was supposed to be. If I don't stop and pay attention, it will be over before I realize it.

After the funeral, I drove out to Spicewood to pick up my youngest (yea for my mother-in-law who watched him all day long!) and then took him to the church on top of the hill to play on the new playscape. We took turns taking pictures of each other, then drove home to put together a Welcome Home party for Dad (his dad, not mine...).

This afternoon I did it. I listened to my heart and remembered to breathe.

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