Sunday, May 24, 2009

More Mother Angst

After we saw Hannah Montana: The Movie today, I took my daughter over to The Domain to try to get some lunch, thinking that a mother/daughter outing would be nice. We ended up at Jasper's because the tea room was crazy busy and she'd said she'd eat calamari. I find it very interesting that she likes calamari because she's a very picky eater.

And I give her a very hard time about her pickiness.

And I feel very guilty about giving her a hard time about it.

Anyway - the $12 Jasper calamari didn't so much hit the spot for her.

I told her I'm kind of tired of taking her out to eat and making her food that she won't eat.

Now I feel really bad - like maybe I'm propagating my own eating issues by pressuring her about food. Is there any way to be a mom without screwing things up?

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