Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just Can't Get No....Satisfaction

I'm always pushing...pushing for something new and different. I realize that's one of the reasons I'm a hard worker and very driven - but I also know that it keeps me from stopping to enjoy the roses a lot of times.

Right now I'm so anxious to find ways to fulfill my dreams of throwing myself into the non-profit world that it's almost all I can think about. It's good that I'm pursuing my dreams - I know it's the right thing for me - but I can tell I'm in this phase where I'm beginning to fool myself into believing that it will fix everything if I can just do this, or do that...or accomplish something else. The truth is - I'll be happy when I get to the top of this mountain...but there will always be another mountain on the horizon.

So once I get up there...I'll be looking to the next challenge.

Oh, well. I can't help it - it's who I am. And I am getting better about cherishing all the moments with my kids. They are the most important roses in my garden so I intend to enjoy all my time with those two flowers.

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