Monday, May 18, 2009

Manolo Envy

I have this friend at work. She's so cool. She's in her 50's and is the ultimate in fabulous-ness. Plus she's really, really nice to me, extremely brilliant, and very supportive. She's the one who convinced me to shop at Cole Haan for my shoes and purses and I knew she was my kind of woman because once, as I was talking about the SATC movie in passing and mentioned that one scene in particular was my favorite she said: "Oh, I love every scene in that movie!"

So -that's the background for this story....

Here's our conversation when she came into my office today:
My Cool Friend: " will not believe the shoes I got this weekend."
Me: "Where did you go? What did you get???"
My Cool Friend: [dramatic pause....] "I got my first ones..."
Me: "You got Manolos!!!"

Yup. She got Manolos. And you can see that we are on the same wavelength since I was able to guess exactly what kind of shoes she bought just from the phrase "her first ones." She went on to describe the gorgeous things and I have to say that I was practically jumping up and down in excitement for her. Now this is weird because just a few years ago I was so un-into shoes that my mom and sister-in-law would refuse to be seen in public with me in some of my ratty shoes. Now, I'm still pretty rough on my shoes - but I finally get it. Shoes are cool.

Oh, my gosh! I'm going to see the Manolo Blahnik Sillouhettes live and in person!!! I'm very proud that I controlled myself and did NOT ask My Cool Friend what size shoe she wears....I could not bring myself to borrow shoes that cost that much because I would do something horrible to them like scratch the leather. (Shudder....double shudder....)

She got Manolos! I really am happy for her. As much as I'd love to wear a pair....I really don't want to spend $800 on shoes. Call me crazy, but....that just wouldn't be a wise investment for me. Now....if I could just find a free pair....or a super discounted pair. But I don't think TJ Maxx carries them.....bummer.

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