Saturday, May 16, 2009

No Day But Today

All I wanted today was a Rent t-shirt. The show was AMAZING. I left it in tears. Of course - the music and story is so amazing and I have to say that all the performances were fabulous.

What was really cool about this production is that Anthony Rapp (the original Mark) and Adam Pascal (the original Roger) were on stage, keeping their original roles alive. I was wondering if it would work, thinking that they must be getting old, but it totally did. And the Maureen was the BEST I've ever seen! (Sorry, Idina....)

Then, when I got back home, I looked Anthony and Adam up to see just how "old" they were. Well, that sure taught me not to turn over any rocks that I don't want to inspect....they are my age. Technically, I'm a month older (almost to the day) than Anthony and Adam is only one year older than me. So....I probably shouldn't have assumed that they were old. They were just in NYC, beginning their careers on stage when I was graduating from law school. Wow.

The only problem with the whole show is that I was, apparently, dancing in my seat and wiggling to the beat of the music. Which was, as one might imagine, rather distracting to my date.


I calmed down a bit in the second half of the show. Of course -I was crying all through the second half anyway. So....wiggling through the first half, crying through the second half. Whooping and cheering after every single song. And, of course, moo-ing when Maureen asked us to moo. Have I ever mentioned that I tend to get pulled into the experience of art?


Cloudia said...

Aloha from a kindred spirit in Hawaii.

No day but today!!

JennInAustin said...

My parents are heading to hawaii in just a few weeks. Wish I could join them! Thanks for the moo! :)