Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Almost Friday...

It's almost Friday, which means my husband is almost home again. I'm so ready to be a two-parent family again because, as I'm sure you've noticed from my postings, I REALLY do not do the whole "running a household" thing very well. Seriously. And I'm convinced the house knows it and is plotting against me and laughing at me behind my back. (As I write this, I realize I'm sounding very Shinto here. All I can say is that if my house does, indeed, have a kami - then I don't like it.)

Why is it that I do so much better if someone else is taking care of "stuff?" I often tell my husband that it's because I'm lazy but - to be fair - that's not really true. I'm actually a pretty hard worker. I don't think many people would use the term "lazy" to describe me. Unpredictable? Yes. Distracted? No doubt. Mildly annoying in the way that I constantly jump from one idea and project to another? Um.....totally. But lazy I ain't. (And I have the LinkedIn references to prove it...)

I'm beginning to realize that household issues (for lack of a better word) are like Chinese water torture for me. Each tiny little thing that goes wrong (or that just exists and forces me to deal with it) feels bigger and bigger as time goes on and as I face a whole bunch of them. I have to give my husband credit - nothing seems to phase him. And, as a result, it's as if everything just flows. In my case, I'll most likely freak out about the ants on the counter as I attack them with organic cleaning spray, then (while I'm still a bit shaken up over the ants) I'll end up spilling the cookies my mom bought today all over the kitchen floor. Oh - and these would be the cookies covered in powdered sugar. Which, of course - is a real help in regards to the ant problem.

Finally, finally I am starting to get it. This is me. I need to keep trying to improve, I need to make time for things that are important and try to organize my life - but I am NEVER (and I do mean NEVER) going to be someone who directs the household in a calm and orderly fashion as I send my kids to school with pre-packed lunches (they've bought their lunches almost every single day this year). I'm truly grateful, however, that I don't live in an era where that would be my only choice. It's not a bad choice. I definitely see the appeal of domesticity. But thank goodness I'm not forced into it by either society (well, most of it....) or my family.

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