Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mom Awards and Vampires

Check it out. My daughter made this for me today. It says: "Awarded to Mom for all your Flower Power"

Does that kid know me, or what??? It's probably the best award I've ever received. (The one for her dad says: "Awarded to Dad for being my star" - too sweet!!!)

Well - I took her out to Half Price Books in the cold, cold weather tonight so that she could get some new books for herself with her Christmas gift card and I could get a new book to read (after all - it's really all about me, you know). I decided to get Interview with the Vampire because I figured it was time to give Anne Rice a try. I've heard about it forever and always figured it came out when I was in Jr. High but it's a heck of a lot older than that - copyright 1976!!! Dang - I was 5 years old! It's practically "classic" literature. :)

I'll be interested to read it - especially since it's apparently held up so well through the years (decades). Hopefully it doesn't freak me out TOO much. But if it does...oh, well. It can just join the collection of books/TV shows/movies/politicians that freak me out. It will be in good company.

I do expect an email from you guys if I suddenly appear unusually angsty or bloodthirsty over the next few weeks. After all - friends don't let friends get seduced by vampires.

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