Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hey, Mom!

A big shout-out to my mom who told me she read yesterday's Disney post - woo-hoo! This will be a short post (as my readers breathe a collective sigh of relief...) because my better half and I are about to go on a date wherein we shall eat dinner, I shall share the details of the Disney plans, and then we shall proceed to Borders so that I can buy a new book to read. (Have I mentioned that I like to plan things out???) The Borders thing has to happen today because I have a 40% off coupon that's about to expire.

Check out the new blog I found - I haven't had much of a chance to explore it much but I still added it to the bottom of my page - it's called Veggie Bytes and it's by a lady here in town who is a personal vegetarian chef. (!!) It's my ultimate dream to shell out a few hundred bucks to have her come to my house and make me homemade Ayurvedic vegetarian food. (Look it up....or maybe I'll blog about it someday.)


Renee said...

Now if only you can get her to leave a comment! :-)

JennInAustin said...


Veggie Bytes said...

Hi Jenn,

Thanks for visiting my blog :)
If you are interested in meeting a bunch of other veggie moms, check out the Austin Veggie Mamas yahoo group.
They meet at different places, like Casa del Luz and Mr. Natural.
Hope to meet sometime :)