Friday, January 9, 2009

The Hands of Time Are Catching Me...

I've had a persistent headache for a few weeks now. Sometimes it's in the background and sometimes it knocks me on my butt. Although I haven't slowed down very much (and only missed one day of exercising because of it - thank you very much...) it is becoming a major annoyance.

Yesterday, as I was at lunch with one of my buddies, the obvious occurred to me - perhaps my eyesight has shifted and I need reading glasses. During my drive in to work today, I tried to pay attention to road signs and - sure enough - I noticed that they were blurry for longer than they used to be for me. Bummer.

A little history before we delve further into this post: I first went "four-eyed" when I was about 8 years old. Although I went through phases where I wore contacts (most notably the stressful teenage years), they never worked very well for me so around 5 years ago I got LASIK surgery. Worth every penny. Seriously - it was awesome.

The doctors told me, however, that once I was in my 40's, my eyes would change again and I'd need reading glasses. Well....I'm only 37 1/2 but I've always been precocious - so I sort of suspect my eyes have decided that they're 40, even if the rest of my body hasn't caught up with them yet.

As I write this, I'm sitting at La Madeliene's, sipping a Diet Coke (which is doing nothing for my vicious headache) and waiting to drive over to the Arboretum for my eye appointment. I'll try to post again later tonight to give you an update about whether I'm officially old. Truthfully - right now I could care less if I need reading glasses - I just want the headache to go away.

And I suppose I'm a bit less caught up with my looks than I used to be. Sort of. Well...maybe not. Strike that previous comment from the record, your honor.

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