Monday, January 12, 2009


I consider myself a reasonably competent woman. I've handled some pretty major issues (and even catastrophies) at my various jobs with an admirable level of success.


For some inane, bizarre, and unspeakably CRUEL reason - I CANNOT beat my husband at a game. ANY game.

Ok - that's not entirely true. I hold up pretty well at Scrabble. But I should (all things being equal) completely demolish him at Scrabble. Oh, yeah - and I have knocked him out a few times in boxing on the Wii. And yet, I only beat him by a bit when I manage to win those games.


What brought on this tirade, you might ask? Oh - he and the kids got Boom Blox for the Wii and they showed me tonight. After the kids went to bed, I told him I'd like to play and I was feeling all competitive and ready to go. (woo-hoo!) Well. And, I say again...WELL...the man wiped the floor with me. It was so pitiful it's almost indescribable.

And do you know what the worst part is?

He kept trying to COACH me!!!!!

Because, of course - that will help me feel so much better.

I suppose I should be glad that I've overcome my latent fear of success when it comes to my career. But given the choice - I think I'd rather work at Sonic at 2 a.m. and royally whollop my husband's behind at the Wii games than be a successful lawyer and listen to him try not to snicker as I invent new ways to lose spectacularly.

Not that I'm bitter, or anything...

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