Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hey, where's the flood???

So, my son has this issue. (Actually, I guess it's me who has the issue b/c I don't think it phases him in the least.)

The issue is that his legs are SO LONG that almost all of his pants look like clam diggers on him. And this is a recurring problem. I've probably hit Target 3 times in the last few months, searching the sales and clearance racks for new pants for the child because every time I look up, I see his skinny little ankles sticking out of the bottom of his pants. Just this morning, I had to refrain from saying: "Hey, where's the flood?" Of course, he's in kindergarten and wouldn't really have understood that I was being witty.

As a matter of fact, the pants that were the culprits this morning are reasonably new pants - so at lunch I went to Super Target and picked up two more pair. What do you want to bet that within a month, they'll be shorts on him?

The funny thing is that my mom had the opposite problem with me. I have stunningly short legs. It's not obvious at first because, although I'm short, I'm not bizarrely short. But my arms and legs are proportionately much shorter than they should be compared to the rest of my body. It was practically impossible for her to find pants that were the right length for me as I grew up - so she had to cut them off (sometimes almost as much as a foot - I kid you not, I remember one particular pair of jeans from Jr. High...) and hem them for me.

Luckily for me, my mom was a legitimate seamstress. I mean - she made practically every single dress I wore to dances plus many of my other clothes as well. If I had to do any sort of hemming for my children...well, let's just say we'd be going through a lot of duct tape because that's about the best I can do in that department.

So odds are that this kid will be quite tall. He even has enormous feet, and I hold to the notion that little boys are like puppies - the bigger their feet are, the bigger they'll be when they're all grown up. His sister probably won't be a shorty either. Her pants aren't causing as much trouble as his but I hardly ever have to hem anything for her (thank the Lord) and when I saw her in black tights last Sunday I had to catch my breath. She had these long legs and looked like a young lady.

So I'm just biding my time until I'm the shortest human in the house. Thank goodness for the hamsters or I'd really feel insignificant.

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