Monday, March 30, 2009


The tooth came out at lunch today while my son was at Kindergarten! Woo-hoo!

My husband reminded me about the rest of the tooth history:
- Tooth 1 for my little boy came out in a wrestling match with big sister. (It was already loose but it does sort of sum up the level of activity in our house.)
- Tooth 2 he pulled out by himself with dental floss. (Shudder.)
- I think that if this isn't tooth 3, then tooth 3 also came out in some sort of food. And of course, today's came out while he was chomping on ice at lunch. (See - he must take after me with the ice-chomping.)

Oh - and another update is that my daughter made 3 runs at her kickball game today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, baaaaabbbbyyyy......!
Up to bat 3 times, on base 3 times, and 3 runs. That's my girl!

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