Monday, March 9, 2009

Smell the Wisteria.....

I adore the smell of Mountain Laurel and Wisteria. I mean I really, really, really can't get enough of it.

Last summer, I bought myself a used red convertible. That purchase was, as pointed out by a number of my friends, probably a classic case of mid-life crisis. It's cool and fun and just plain awesome. (Although my kid brother recently tried to RUIN it for me by telling me it was an "old lady" car -- argh! Kid brothers!!!!!)

The best thing about this convertible just came to light during the last few days. As I am driving down the street, I will catch a whiff of wisteria and it is HEAVENLY! It is such a powerful smell, that even if I'm on the access road to 183, I'll catch the scent (granted, I have a very sensitive nose) and it brings a smile to my face. I have to tell you - even if you don't have a convertible, you should drive around with your windows open over the next few weeks. The weather in Austin is gorgeous (well, until the next cold front comes in around Thursday) and the flowers smell fabulous.

So as the saying goes, stop and smell the roses. Or - in this case - drive and smell the wisteria!

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