Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Careful what you wish for, Texas...

So, Texas has been in a drought for a while. A long while. I'm really glad the weather broke, but wish it had chosen to do so, like, one hour later. Traffic was horrible on the way home as the storm clouds gathered. I'm a Central Texas girl, and as I passed Camp Mabry, I noticed the distinctive beginnings of wall clouds. Not what one wants to see as one is commuting home in the slowest traffic ever.

Then I get a call from my vigilant husband, who informs me that the hail was coming down at our house (a little further north) and I needed to get off the highway to wait out the storm.

So...I'm sitting at a bakery (which THANKFULLY serves awesome tomato bisque soup...I mean, really - the best I've ever tasted), eating my dinner, watching the rain (thank goodness there's no hail at this location), and waiting for the "all clear" to get back on the road. Apparently the hail was golf-ball sized at our house. Yikes.

It is cozy, in a way. And at least these Texas storms move pretty quickly. Within about 15 minutes, I should be able to get back out on the road. yard is happier. So, like I always say at work: "silver linings...." (You have to picture me making a circle with both my hands as I say that to get the full effect.)

I do wish I was home with my kiddos, but I will be soon (Lord willin' and the creek don't rise...). If I hadn't stopped off, I would not have discovered this unbelievable soup. So Life's still good.


JRH said...

All I can think of is, Which bakery??? :-) Was it Upper Crust? We should meet there for breakfast some weekend.

JennInAustin said...

LOL! It was Russell's - over by Crenshaw's. I was at about 45th when I got the call to get off the road! Beautiful rose picture, btw.