Thursday, April 2, 2009


I'm sure those of you who know me are rather intrigued by the title of this post because "anger" is a feeling that I do my darndest to keep well in check. ("Anger? What's that?") As a matter of fact, a regular theme of therapists who attempt (unsuccessfully, I might add) to de-wacki-fy me is the auld lang syne of: "You are not in touch with your anger. You should be angry about that. How do you REALLY feel???"

To which I non-committedly reply: "Hmmm.......I see....."

Great emotional progress is made, I'm sure you can imagine.

And yet...I digress....

The actual point of this posting (and, yes - I do have a point) is to discuss the fact that within just a few hours this evening, I felt extreme (arguably irrational) anger. It's rather interesting, when you consider my normal approach to life. The first incident happened when I remembered a time (in a previous job) when an agent who stood to make a hefty commission (and did, I'm sure, end up earning a huge one) TOTALLY didn't do his job and I had to do it for him. It really, really, really annoyed me. It was weird - I saw a sign about that company and just emotionally WENT OFF about that incident. I tried to make a joke about it - pointed out to my husband that I guess I wasn't really over that situation...but the level of my anger really surprised me.

The second incident happened just a few hours later, when I found out that even after I'd had a long conversation with a mail order pharmacy and correctly filled out an order form THEY STILL MESSED UP MY PRESCRIPTION. I wasn't livid until I couldn't get anyone to answer the phone (although they were open - I was just on hold for all eternity) and I also couldn't get their website to work. Emotionally, I just went over the edge.

Now - to put all of this in context without going into detail...there have been a few things in my life which might anger the average woman. Those obvious issues, however, don't elicit anger. Really - I have to admit that my sense of perspective might be a bit off...

I know that I have a big problem with injustice... I guess a certain friend of mine might even be compelled to point out that it's because I'm a Libra that I feel so justice-oriented.

Maybe so.

All I know is that I apparently have a MAJOR ISSUE with people who only care about commissions but don't care about doing a good job and I also have problems with sloppy mail-order pharmacies. Where's that kickboxing class when I really need it?

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