Saturday, March 7, 2009

Davis Disco

I just got home from the Davis Disco (the fun dance and silent auction fundraiser for my kids' elementary school). Last year at this social event of the season, I was the dancing queen. This year I'm a little bit beat from getting ready for Disney and maybe just being a year I was more of the dancing contessa - not quite so crazy but still jumping around quite a bit.

Well - that is until my little boy fell on the dance floor from chasing one of his friends and I had to bring him home early. He was wild and crazy until his wipe out, however. AND he asked his little friend Sofia to dance after I suggested he do so...too, too cute for words.

Here's an interesting factoid. They promised to only play G-rated music for the dance (which is, of course, a wise move). Since it's one of my all-time favorite dance tunes, I was extremely happy to learn that Love Shack is a G-rated song. Who knew??? I guess the G-rating is less dependent on the actual TOPIC covered in the song and more dependent on whether or not there are explicit lyrics.

Well, I'd better stop writing because I'm being called to the floor to play with an electric speed ball game I won in the raffle. (Luck was with me - I bought 20 raffle tickets and as of the last time I checked in with my husband, I'd won 3 prizes. This happens to me every once in a while - if I was smart I'd run out and buy a lottery ticket on nights like this. But...I'm already in my PJs, so I really don't feel like getting out again.)

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