Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tomorrow, tomorrow - I love you....tomorrow!!

March 12, 2009 – We leave for Disney tomorrow!

I gave in to my kids last night and gave them their “pre-trip presents.” (Not that they had to twist my arm very much – I've been DYING to show them the activities I bought for the plane!) It was an awesome Mom Moment because they were so, so appreciative and excited. (“Mom – you are the BEST!! I just LOVE this stuff!!!” I glow......)

It's kind of funny because most of the stuff in their plane packs was from the dollar section of Michael's or the clearance section of Office Depot. They spent about an hour last night working in their workbooks (thank goodness I got them lots of stuff – or else they would finish the activities before we even GET to the airport!) and they also worked in their books this morning.

Here's a picture of our couch with the airplane stuff spread all over it. (Yes, I'll put it in my carry-on tonight!)
Just for the heck of it, I took a closeup of some of their work as well! This probably only means something to me, as their mom, but since it's my pre-trip report I decided to go ahead and record for posterity the cute little word circles my son made on his Disney word search book (he's in Kinder) and the work my 4th grade girl did in her book. (Here's a question to ponder: why is it FUN for her to do math in this workbook I got her for the trip but it's totally un-fun for her to do her math homework??? Hmmmm.....)

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