Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Pep Talk

My eldest had her first kickball practice today and man, I really wish I'd had this as a kid. She's going to be pushed, she'll be expected to perform and she's definitely going to learn what teamwork is all about.

It's hard, because as a parent - at times like these I want to make sure that my kids know they need to take this all in and give it their best shot. But...ultimately we all have to decide how hard we're going to work. That's the joy of life, right? You're wisdom generally only comes with hindsight.

I left realizing that I need someone to push me a lot harder than I'm willing to push myself - especially in terms of exercise. Obviously - that's why people hire personal trainers. So I guess I need to find my own coach, who'll be willing to give me a pep talk and push me beyond my comfort zone.

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