Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mocha Ruins a Perfect Evening

Have you ever had one of those evenings that works SO perfectly? When everything is just as you imagined it? Well...we ALMOST had one of those evenings.

My husband wanted to go out to eat - so I suggested Galaxy Cafe at the Triangle. I'd really been wanting to take the family there and the evening was just perfect for sitting outside. I'd simply raved about their mac and cheese - to the point where I was afraid there was no way it could live up to the billing I was giving it. (I mean, after all - it wasn't Kraft mac and how could the kids possibly like it...sigh...) But, what do you know - they liked it!

Afterwards we walked around to the open area and discovered this fun jumping fountain. While my youngest played in it for a while, my daughter and I walked over to some dogs in the dog park to make friends with them and their owners.

Like I said - it was so perfect.

Until, that is, the MOCHA. The kids wanted dessert - so I suggested Mandola's. My daughter picked a huge cream puff and my son picked a huge piece of mocha cake. This cake was gorgeous. Seriously - it was amazing. It looked so good, as a matter of fact, that after he'd done all the damage he could do to it - I ate two bites of it. As we left that restaurant, my little boy began to crater. It was bizarre, he was so emotional. I shortly realized that my heart was racing and my stomach was spinning from just 2 bites of that cake, so I could only imagine what his little 6-year-old body (ok,'s a BIG 6-year-old body) was doing with all that sugar and caffeine.

We're home now and things have luckily calmed down. Well, other than the loud laughter that's coming from the kids' bathroom as they brush their teeth. I don't even want to know where the toothpaste will end up tonight. I just need to remember to NOT look at the ceiling. What I don't know won't annoy me.

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