Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rain, rain...

I'm posting as I sit in my car, crawling down MoPac. The cold, wet weather seems to create moderate traffic complications. ( case it wasn't clear...)

Cold, wet weather causes problems for me too. It never ceases to amaze me how blue I get when the clouds roll in. Of course, listening to Joni Mitchell probably isn't helping matters here. (Sigh)

Music is a very precise form of therapy for me. Perky music certainly lifts my spirits BUT I've learned that I can't just pop in Pop music when I'm quite blue. I have to take myself through the 'stages' to get where I need to be. Kind of like the stages of grief, I guess - although I can go through them pretty fast with the right playlist. I have to sing my story, you know? I've had entire playlists devoted togoing from blue to pink (so to speak). Unfortunately, my iPod is maxed out and I had to drop some playlists. So I'm relying on a CD now. In case you're curious I'm now at the Seasons of Love stage of my progression. I'm making better emotional progress than physical progress. Yikes. This will be the longest commute ever. No doubt. Well - thank goodness for Rent.

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