Friday, March 27, 2009

Why are there so many songs....

...about rainbows?

I've always loved that song. Honestly.

I meant to update my posting from the 25th with this picture because, after I left the bakery on the day of the huge hailstorm - I saw this gorgeous rainbow and snapped a picture with my Blackberry as I was finally going home.

The biblical story of the rainbow is one which means a lot to me, although I interpret it slightly differently than I was taught in Sunday School. (To those of you who know me well, this shouldn't surprise you in the least.) I was never very comfortable with the idea that God would choose to destroy the world because He'd given up on humanity. Not that I'd really blame Him, of course - we haven't inspired much hope in that regard - HOWEVER...that doesn't fit my idea of God. I mean, really - what's the point of a God who loses his temper and patience just like I did during my last 48 hours in Disney World? You might as well have a middle-aged, stressed out Mom as an all-knowing, all-seeing deity if that's going to be His reaction. It just doesn't seem to mesh with my faith.

In my heart, the rainbow represents the idea that even when things are completely stormy and we are in the darkest place ever, we only need to let a little bit of light into our hearts and we will then be blessed with the most beautiful sight in the world. Rainbows are even more stunning against dark clouds because they are luminescent. So even when my life is very dark, the little ribbon of love that comes through is that much more beautiful.

And...who wouldn't smile at a rainbow? I absolutely gasped aloud with joy when I saw this one. Just try to not have a spiritual revelation or at least an overwhelming sense of peace/love/joy when you look at a rainbow - I dare you. :)

Oh - I also dare you to interpret Bible stories in your own way. You might be pleasantly surprised with the messages you find!

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