Saturday, April 11, 2009


Here I am at the Blue October concert last night. My sis-in-law and I had a good time last night but our ears were ringing by the time we made it to bed and we didn't make it home until midnight!

Originally we'd planned to drink wine coolers and watch Twilight when we got home, but our age caught up with us and we realized we were WAY TOO TIRED to do anything but hit the hay by the time we got home. (Plus, all the liquor stores were closed so we couldn't get wine coolers anyway. Oh, well.)

Here's what I loved about the concert last night: although the music was, as a general rule, pretty intense and angry (liberal use of the "F" word...) - it certainly spoke to my inner emo-goth-chick persona. And it is so cool to see an artist completely put himself out there - all his emotions completely raw. (He's really struggled with depression in the past and is now a new dad...I have to say that he does a great job singing about angst, love, and even joy.) Although this blog is as far as I can go right now...I know that I'm meant to find a way to let myself out artistically. Seeing artists doing just that is very inspiring.

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