Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wasting a pretty day....

It's kind of a bummer for me because today is just gorgeous and I'm stuck inside. I'm looking out my bedroom window, just as I did in my first blog post, watching the trees sway in the sunshine and breeze. It's lovely but I would rather be UP and out there. Unfortunately, my body has different plans. Cedar fever, or a bad cold, or something (perhaps the ubiquitous "exhaustion" celebrities face??) has me flat on my back today. I got up earlier, hit Walgreens and then Half Price Books (I needed my next literature fix) and then straightened my bedroom just a little bit. (Not very much - you'd hardly notice the difference.) The brief spurt of energy did not last very long - so I had to cancel my date for tonight (darn it!!!) and now I'm back in bed. I decided I might as well whine about the situation in my blog.

Because, really - what's the point of a blog if you can't whine in it?

Now that I've sufficiently delved into my angst on this issue, I will begin reading the Leo Tolstoy novel I picked up for 98 cents. I'm no expert on Russian literature, but I do believe that Mr. Tolstoy could teach me a thing or two about angst. So this should be interesting.

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