Thursday, February 19, 2009

Birthday Season

Birthday season is upon us. My son will be 6 on March 1, and my daughter turns 10 on April 28. So I am well in the midst of the season in which birthdays seem to sneak up on me and throttle me senseless.

Ok - I suppose that's a bit dramatic - but sometimes it feels as if that's the case.

To my credit, I have designed my son's birthday invitations, complete with a fighter jet on them. He loves them. Now I need to actually PRINT THEM OUT AND MAIL THEM. (Details, details....)

I shouldn't complain. My kids love Crenshaw's bday parties and they are a LIFESAVER for me. I don't have to do very much. They also love the cookies made by one of my former co-workers (she's incredible - can make any design in cookies) so I use those for favors. It all works out pretty well - but somehow I still feel a bit out of control until it's all over.

Oh, man - cakes. I haven't even BEGUN to think about cakes. Hmmm.....guess I'd better hit HEB this weekend. And I WILL NOT think about the fact that my mom made our cakes from scratch and intricately decorated them for us. (She made side money by decorating wedding cakes.) Nope. Not gonna think about that little detail.

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