Monday, February 16, 2009

International Women's Day

Did you know that since 1909 there has been an International Women's Day, and that it began right here in the United States? As a matter of fact, although it's not really recognized here, it's a huge deal in some other countries (according to an article I read in Working Mother magazine), and on that day men honor the women in their lives.

Now that I know it exists, I want to do something to honor the day (and honor women in other countries who still struggle for their rights). The problem is that this year, IWD falls on the same day that I'm hosting a six-year-old's birthday party. So I'm not sure I'll be able to tackle that day with a big shin-dig. (Or even a little one, for that matter.) I figured the least I could do is make sure that a couple of other people know that on March 8, women around the world will join together to inspire each other and support equality.

I was going to post a local IWD activity here in Austin (in case you were interested and in case you wouldn't be at Crenshaw's for our birthday festivities) but, there is only one event listed in the whole state of Texas! (Free admission to the Women's Museum in Dallas.) Now - if you wanted to travel to Pakistan on that day, you'd have a lot more options. You could attend the National Convention on Women's Empowerment, go to a Workshop on Gender Role in Development of Science, participate in the All Pakistan Women Rock Climbing Championship (you go, girls!), or work with women farmers from Pakistan.

Ok, Austin - just you wait. I can't do it this year (birthday parties must have priority in our household) but NEXT YEAR I'm planning something for International Women's Day!

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