Sunday, February 8, 2009

In Honor of My Daughter

At the end of April, I will have been a mom for a decade. My eldest has truly blown me away during these last few weeks so, even though her birthday is still a few months away - I am inspired to sing her praises today.

I often tell her that when I grow up, I want to be just like her. She honestly is inspiring to me. I think that we have a very similar spirit and drive - but when I see the way she tackles Life, I think - that's what I want to do too!

Yesterday morning I took her to kickball tryouts. She's never played before but we are ready to stop being slacker parents when it comes to sports - so we decided to sign her up for the kickball season. In this picture, you can see that she is darn nervous. By the time we left, however, she was grinning from ear to ear - telling me what an awesome time she had and about all of her new friends.

And...she's becoming a young lady as well. Last week, my husband came down with a 24 hour stomach bug and was stuck in bed for a few hours before I made it home from work. He asked our daughter to fix her little brother some dinner and she did just that. She pulled out crackers and melted some cheddar cheese on top of them in the microwave. I guess that doesn't sound like much (although it's more than I've been known to do for my kids in my laziest moments) but to me it seemed like a huge step that she could work basic kitchen appliances and take care of her kid brother.

So, my darling - I am so happy that almost 10 years ago you came into my life and made me a better person. And I think I want to join a kickball team too!


Renee said...

wow!! best post ever! I'm thinking along the same lines you are. We're going to join the Y in May and get Tyler into some sign up sports like that. He loves skiing but you can't do that in the summer.

Kathryn really is an awesome young woman! I wish I had it as together at 20 that she does at 10!

JennInAustin said...

Thanks...I wish I had it together like she does at 37! You've got an awesome young man in your house as well. I hope he can spend a few days in Austin this summer.