Tuesday, February 17, 2009

(cough, cough...)

Here I am, playing with my Blackberry as I waited ENDLESSLY for the doctor this evening. I decided to hit the after-hours clinic because, on the off-chance that it was flu kicking my butt (as opposed to some vague virus-type thing), I wanted to get my whole family on Tamiflu before it ruined our Disney World vacation.

Because, don't you know that would be the worst?????

My mom had flu the first time we ever went to Disney World. Ugh. No kidding.

Anyway - no flu for Jenn - whoopee!! Just a cough, fever, aches, and really bad headaches. Luckily the after hours doc didn't seem to be one of those conservative types. She said it was probably a virus but since I'd been dealing with it for about a week, she'd go ahead and give me a Z-Pack "just to be sure." You go, doc!

Of course -half of Austin was at my Walgreens so I don't have the drugs yet...but I will. Maybe I'll pick up some food while I'm out because I'm so hungry. Ooooo....but wait.... aren't you supposed to starve a fever? If so, that sounds rather uncool tonight. My fever wants to EAT, darn it.

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