Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jenn Bops

One of my good friends once told me that I am the oldest teenybopper around. I certainly couldn't disagree with that analysis. Why deny who I am?

Tonight I was in my teenybopper element. I'm finally starting to feel like a human again after being sick for about a week and I celebrated by playing the Disney XBox360 karaoke game with my eldest. She introduced me to Ali and A.J. and I spent about an hour rockin' away to the latest teenage angst emo-songs.

And all I could think was... "Like Whoa." (If you're not the mom of a tween girl, you probably don't get that reference, so sorry if you're not as cool as I am. But it's a really great song.)

It's going to be fun while I have a legitimate teenybopper in my house. It might, however, become awkward when she outgrows the stage and I do not. :)

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