Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stay tuned - winner to be announced tonight...

You still have a few hours to enter the what-will-Jenn-read-next contest. There is a book, which shall remain nameless for the time being, which is - so far - my first choice. But that book is still subject to being knocked off the pedestal. It's driving me crazy to not have a book to read and I have $5 in Border's Bucks so I'm itching to hit the book store. If I don't die of hypothermia while I'm selling Girl Scout cookies with my daughter this afternoon (we're selling them at Jamba Juice because of course SO MANY PEOPLE will be wanting cold smoothies in this freezing weather...) - then I'll pick a winner and post before I go to bed tonight. Thanks for playing, guys. You cracked me up - especially the comment about "my type of people." Let's be fair - I don't think I really have a type of person, do I? As mom always said - they broke the mold after they made me! (I think she then always said "thank goodness" - but that's for another post....)

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