Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How many calories does it burn to haul your butt around on crutches?

I've been trying to track my calories again. In the past, I've used the Livestrong Daily Plate system, which is really great - especially since it's free. It works beautifully when you can type in your exercise so that you get a real offset of what your total retained calories were for the day.

When you have a broken leg, however, it's just plain DEPRESSING. So here's my question - I don't want to cheat but I swear that I'm worn out all the time. I expending calories? If so, how many? It takes me a lot of effort just to get hot tea from the office kitchen. But I'm (obviously) not in an exercise class right now so, according to my official food/exercise log, I'm just eating calories with no offset.

By the way, here's an important tip for anyone else who is trying to lose weight/watch calories - fried okra might be very delicious, but it is SO not worth the jump to the calories that you get when you type it into the old tracking system. Nor is pumpkin bread (see last night's post).

I'm pretty sure that I'm just going to have to do a few crunches and stretches tonight and record the measly calories I burn with those activities so I'll feel as if I'm accomplishing something. In the meantime, if anyone knows the number of calories it takes to wear an annoyingly heavy walking cast and bump around on crutches all day, I'd be ever so grateful for that information.

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Rachel Romaine said...

I am to the point of considering working out with a trainer; I loathe the thought, but I seem to lack motivation on my own. I am pretty good about my eating habits, once I know the calories of something! Good luck!