Saturday, January 16, 2010


Yesterday, my husband turned 40 years old and I wanted to do something special to celebrate. I settled on buying him the opportunity to spend half a day driving some very awesome cars. (Audi R8, Bentley Coupe, Ferrari 430, and Porsche 911) I had a blast riding along with him. Here I am in front of the Ferrari and, I have to say, I've never experienced anything like that. When he revved it up on the back roads, I thought we were going to take off into the atmosphere!

You can't really tell from here but you can see the enormous (red!!) engine through the back window of the car. And when you're sitting in the car, it's like the engine is in the backseat (because, IS) - so that's just wild.

We had fun using cars that, in certain cases, cost more than our HOUSE and I joked that I was the token female representative on the tour. Everyone else was a guy and they all had paid to drive - I just paid to ride along with my better half. That was fine with me - those cars were a bit too much for me to handle...I'm woman enough to admit that about myself! (My husband just informed me that I could have handled the Bentley - I spent a lot of my time in that one playing with the seat warmers and admiring the mahogany/leather interior.)

Clearly, it was a once in a lifetime experience - we ended our day in Fort Worth by getting some awesome TexMex at Joe T. Garcia's. Now I'm posting while we drive down I35 back to Austin. (Gotta love these air cards that give me internet access anywhere.)

What a day!

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