Thursday, November 20, 2008

Single Girls.

So here's something I didn't expect when I switched jobs 7 months ago...I went from working at a place where almost everyone is married (with kids) to a place where almost everyone (almost everyone I work with anyway) is single - with no kids. I'm also one of the "old people" at this new job, and - well - I don't think I was at my old job. I like to believe that my "coolness" factor is still there, however....

Anyway....speaking of the "coolness factor...."

One of my new work buddies turned 30 today and was given the new Beyonce album, which inspired her (and some of my other cool 20-something single friends) to show me "Single Man Dances to Single Girls." Have you seen this? I only ask because I get the impression that I might be the only person on the planet who hasn't seen this video. But this could be a scientific study - my hypothesis is that the closer you get to 40, the less likely you are to have seen this video.

For those of you who might be reading this around kids...well - it's a great video but not one you'd want to play for your kids. Let's just say that when I watch this guy (who is presumably from Greenwich Village, and I say that out of pure jealousy for the hip life I assume he must live, not as a criticism of his lifestyle...which of course I shouldn't presume...and as Seinfeld would say..."Not that there's anything wrong with that...") I feel two things: (1) really, really fat (he even makes Beyonce look chunky) and (2) like the world's worst dancer.

I mean, really - this guy rocks!

Anyway - as a tribute to all my new single girlfriends - I give you "Single Man Dances to Single Girls" ... and thank goodness I'm going out with a bunch of them tomorrow to see Twilight!

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