Saturday, November 15, 2008

Countdown to Mickey....

...or, more accurately in my case - Belle.

We are going to DisneyWorld! (Whoopeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!)

I probably went to WDW at least 4 times as I was growing up - the best one was when I was in High School and a cute French guy flirted with me. (ooo-la-la...) As an adult, I had an opportunity to go for a few days when my eldest was in preschool and my youngest was a little baby. Normally we wouldn't have gone with a baby but we joined my parents there for a convention and it was fun. Ever since then, however, I've been anxious to go back there when my youngest was old enough to remember it. So...we took the plunge this week and made a downpayment on a Spring Break vacation.

I know - Spring Break will be busy. But a couple of my friends from my last job recommended and I think that website will really help us plan out the best use of our time. Here's the good news/bad news of this trip as I see it:

1. Princesses - This is a rather interesting situation. You see, my eldest (my daughter) was only barely into princesses as a preschooler. Five years ago, I used the excuse of going to WDW with a 4-year-old girl as my own personal excuse for hunting down all the princesses with ruthless abandon. We even scored a seat at Cinderella's Castle for the Princess Breakfast. ( was so, so, so fabulous...) My eldest thought it was fine at the time, I suppose, but now that she is 9 and has completely rejected all things girly, there shall be no princess breakfasts or other princess hunts. Now, most normal parents would think...score! We don't have to be in the "Princess Hordes!" I, however, am not a normal parent and I am a moderately devastated that I won't get to be 2 feet away from Cinderella, Jasmine, and (my personal favorite) Belle.

2. Spring Break - The good news is that we're about to go to WDW!! The bad news is that Spring Break is one of the busiest times to go. Hmmm....But I have great faith in Tour Guide Mike and my very obsessive-compulsive tendencies to plan our vacations out the wazoo. Tonight I'm trying to figure out exactly where I need to make dinner reservations - so wish me luck in actually getting those reservations. We considered going when the kids were still in school but I couldn't stand the idea of getting those nasty letters from the school district for unexcused absences. Yikes. Those letters always give me the impression that they're about to come in and take my kids away from me. And I've only gotten them before because I've forgotten to get Dr notes when they've been tardy. I can't even begin to imagine what they'd say if I took them to WDW for a week.

3. My Obssessive-Compulsive Tendencies - The good news is that we will have a plan, the bad news is that we might have TOO MUCH of a plan. I'll need to watch myself and make sure that I remember the chill factor when it comes to a vacation plan.

Oh...and it just occurred to me...I bet the little shampoos from the Disney resorts will be AWESOME!!

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Doctoman said...

I am so jealous of your trip! By spring break I will be plump with kiddo number two and saving for a wedding we have to go to in Wisconsin! Not the hippest place in town I would rather be in WDW! For sure when the kids are older!!!