Saturday, November 22, 2008

Babies and Beaujolais Nouveau

This posting is an ode to my friend who came over to our house tonight with her 10 month old baby boy (she knows who she is!). The kids had mac and cheese and the grownups had saffron pasta with marinara sauce (sounds fancy but it was all store-bought). We watched Little Mr. Man pull on my schnauzer's eyes and beard (my dog was so patient - almost co-dependent the way he kept going back for more abuse!) while we drank the Beaujolais Nouveau she brought with her.

It's great when she comes over and the funny thing is that because she is such a popular figure in our household, it's always so noisy as both of my children compete with me to tell her the latest stories from our lives.

The reason I love hanging with her is that she is my role model for life - she waited to become a mom, and because she did, she seems to appreciate it so much more than I ever have. When I watch her little one do his funny little baby things, and then I consider the fact that I am reading "Are You There God?" with my eldest, and getting ready to send her to middle school in a mere year and a half, I remember all over again that my kids are what it's all about (as opposed to, you know - organization, career, going out to movies....or other stuff like that).

You'd think that would not be a difficult concept for me to remember...but sometimes it really is.

So thanks Mom-of-Little-Mr.-Man, for reminding me what life is really all about.

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