Friday, November 7, 2008

Free Samples!!!!

I realized I had to supplement my "shoe therapy" post...I missed one of the most obvious and fabulous things in the whole samples, baby. (Oooooo....I just get all tingly thinking about them.)

As a matter of fact, this is what a big sucker I am for free samples:

Sephora (a fancy-smancy makeup store), as many of you who read this are aware, is all about giving away free samples with their orders. And once you spend $100 bucks there, you get to choose from a really special (i.e. bigger) free sample. Oooooo. How cool is that, right?

Bear in mind, gentle readers, that although I think makeup is a lot of fun in theory - I rarely spend more than 4 minutes throwing it on my face and use the same 3 products every single day of my life.

However, for someone whose idea of adventurous makeup application is putting on eyeshadow, I have spent an UNGODLY amount of money at - primarily in my neverending quest to get more "free" samples. (Yes, I'm quite aware of the irony - they aren't free at all when I'm finding excuses to spend hundreds of dollars in my quest to get them.)

[Observant readers of this blog will note that this free-sample fetish is very similar to my obsession with hotel swag. One might ponder what it is about teeny-tiny things that makes my heart go all a-flutter. Of course, if one wondered about it for too long - one would probably come up with unflattering ideas about my sanity. So please don't ponder - ok?]

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Renee said...

Pea green with envy over here!! Sephora is my MOST favorite store in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!