Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Way to go, Captain & Tennille!

I am SO happy.

Get this...I was in Walgreens earlier this evening and their Muzak service provider was on some 70's music kick, so I ended up hearing "Love Will Keep Us Together" over and over in my head for the next few hours. I suppose I can be grateful that it wasn't "Muskrat Love," considering that song annoyed me to no end even when I was 8 and had their album.

ANYWAY...after hearing C&T singing in my head for so long, I finally decided to go to Wikipedia (a.k.a. the fount of all wisdom) to find out where they are now. Guess what - they are still together! I'm thinking that as a sign of support, I might have to go out and buy their Christmas album, which apparently came out back in 2007. I have no doubt that C&T singing Silent Night (or whatever they sing) will annoy me also - but honestly, any couple that's still together and (presumably) disco-ing away sure deserves my measly contribution to their royalties. Wonder if it's on iTunes??

Oh - and yes, according to Wikipedia it is Tennille with two "n's" and two "l's"...

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