Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Hairdo

My youngest niece spent at least 45 minutes working on my hair this afternoon. This picture only shows it about halfway through the process. By the end, the top of my head was completely covered in clips.

After the hairdo was complete (and after my husband was kind enough to spend 20 minutes disentagling my hair) we went apple picking and had an awesome time. It was very cold but beautiful and the kids had a great time. Until, that is, they got into a disagreement about allegedly illegal apple-eating out of someone else's basket. Childhood trauma of the highest degree...

I say that sarcastically but I distinctly remember some of my childhood disagreements, especially the ones where I felt that another child truly wronged me, and I remember how serious it felt at the time. I supppose that's part of childhood, isn't it? Learning that not everyone is going to see things from your perspective - now that's a skill that many adults I know never learned. I refuse to discuss politics in this blog, but may I just say that perhaps we should all remember to consider other perspectives over the course of the next month?

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