Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tent Sweet Tent

My daughter made this sign before we left and my husband was smart enough to throw a roll of tape into the suitcase for us so that we could tape it up. Here's my bear and her Grover posing beside the sign, which we taped right above our pillows. We really did have a good time. It was beautiful. Those of you who are on my Kodak Gallery picture list just got an album full of pictures a few minutes ago.

We're both pretty beat, but before I take a shower and let myself rest, I've GOT to get out and at least take a good walk.
It's funny - I never rest very deeply at night, I wake up often (it's almost like I'm only dozing) and last night was no exception. But it was wonderful when I woke up last night because I could look up and see the trees (we didn't put the rain roof on our tent - I could see the moon through the branches of the trees overhead) and hear the insects. Even though we were on the hard ground (it didn't dawn on me to bring an air mattress like our tent neighbors did) I'm not sore and it was still cozy in it's own way. I really did like it. I guess Mom is right - there's a lot more of my Dad in me than I realize! I would love to go out one night just by myself and stay in a tent like that. No rush to get up in the morning, all by myself, just listening to the birds in the morning.
There was a campfire song we learned this weekend and I like the words:

Rise up oh fire
By thy light's glory
Give to us beauty,
wisdom and joy.
Oh, and in case you're wondering, I didn't even bother trying to get the tent back into that case.

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