Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Flannel Time, Baby...

It is a happy night because I got to pull out the flannel PJ choices. I'm sure anyone who lives in a place with a real winter (i.e. a city that does not completely shut down when the temperature dips below 32 degrees and there is a thin glaze of ice on the overpasses) would chuckle heartily at my concept of winter...but in my book, it's time for my flannels.

Of course, this MIGHT be because I'm married to someone whose favorite winter pastime is opening the bedroom winter during the night. I can only assume that this is some sadistic test of my endurance...or maybe he just thinks the shade of blue I turn is lovely. Let's assume the latter, shall we?

I'll be ready tonight, however. I'm esconced in my winnie-the-pooh PJs and I'm about to go find my super-soft socks. Aaaahhh......cozy times.

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Renee said...

OMG! You crack me up! I have not even gotten my sweaters out of storage yet. Although I'm doing that this weekend. It's in the 50's now but is supposed to be high of 40* by Sunday. YAY!!! I have all the windows open. :)