Monday, June 23, 2014

We interrupt this ongoing Trip Report for an important snack report:

Before my WDW trip, I read about food at Disney obsessively (hardly shocking, as I read about EVERYTHING obsessively). At some point in my surfing, I came across a blog article regarding the food options at Typhoon Lagoon and I paid particular attention to that as I didn't expect much from water park food options and wanted to have my best shot at enjoying the food there. The Disney Tourist Blog clued me in to the glory of the mini donuts and how they are only found at Typhoon Lagoon. Tom went on and on so much about these donuts that I was truly intrigued and wanted to find them.

Luckily, Dennis and I found them after riding Crush'n Gusher.

Ladies and gentlemen, there ARE NO WORDS to describe the deliciousness of these mini donuts. I've never put anything so amazingly delicious into my mouth (except maybe the soup at Boma...but that's in a different category and we're not to our Boma day yet in the trip I digress). I honestly believe I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk in stunned silence.

Some people think Disney made a financial mistake by investing so much into their new technology instead of new rides. That might be a valid point, but I don't pretend to have great accounting and financial insight so I remain agnostic (although who wouldn't love new rides?). I will tell you one thing...Disney is passing up a GOLD MINE by not having mini-donut carts every 15 feet in the other parks. Wow. You must buy mini-donuts, people. Here's the only picture - 2 left for my kids in the bucket sitting next to my daughter's chocolate covered funnel cake (which was also pretty good but not very photogenic). A side benefit of this picture is that you can see how small our reserved table was under our Typhoon Lagoon umbrella.

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