Saturday, June 21, 2014

Spreading Pixie Dust

Here's a quick break from the daily WDW trip reports to let you know about one of the cheapest and most rewarding aspects of our Disney vacation. 
One of the best things about a Disney vacation is seeing all the kids. Kids in costume, kids talking about Mickey, kids seeing the castle for the first's all pretty fun. Usually the kids are so happy but sometimes they are in need of a little extra pixie dust. Those WDW days aren't always completely magical.

As part of my trip preparation, I hit the Dollar Tree and picked up a few packages of Disney stickers and quite a few glow sticks. Whenever we saw kiddos (especially if they were starting to melt down a bit), I'd hand out stickers or if it was evening, I handed out glow sticks and told them it was a magic wand.

My own big kids loved watching me do this. I encouraged them to do it as well but they seemed to prefer finding gift recipients to being the actual gift-giver. 

I got more joy from the $10 I spent on this activity than almost anything else during my entire trip. The smiles on their faces were wonderful! I handed stickers out at the airport before we left (it was a direct flight from Austin to Orlando so there were  plenty of kids going to Disney with us) and at night, on the bus back to the hotel I handed out magic wands. As a matter of fact, now that I think about it - there's no reason for me to limit my pixie dust activities to the World, is there? I think I'll prepare sticker packages to carry around Austin with me this summer. Maybe I'll also buy miniature bubbles. 

Here's a fact you might not know: Spreading pixie dust creates even more magic for the person acting as the fairy godmother than it does for the recipients of the gifts. Try it!

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