Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day 1 - Disney World

UDATE: I forgot to add in my Fitbit from Saturday - rather interesting!So, Saturday June 7th was 19,243 steps (7.92 miles). I also uploaded my video to YouTube in hopes that might work for anyone who couldn't view the video embedded below.

I adore Disney beyond all comprehension...and I've been looking passionately forward to this trip for quite some time. To the point of driving my family insane. (More insane than normal...and that's saying something, my friends.)

We are finally here! We didn't spend much time at Animal Kingdom, which was a bummer for me, but since we were up at 4:30 a.m. Austin time, the kids were beat and I want everyone to have energy for EPCOT tomorrow. So early to bed tonight!  :)

At Animal Kingdom, we were all shocked because my son decided to ride Expedition Everest - he's not adventurous so that was surprising! He got right on without any hesitation and preferred to sit by his big sister (very sweet) and afterwards he calmly said he wouldn't be doing that again. We assured him that was the biggest, baddest roller coaster in the whole park. The funny thing is - on the Everest picture he looks almost amused and very calm. He clearly has great control of his emotions. The only other things we did were the Maharajah Jungle Trail (really great, so glad to enjoy those details although we didn't go very slowly) and the Safari. After that, I could tell the kids were crashing and, to be fair, it had been a long day.

Before checking in, we let Disney know we were celebrating our anniversary (it was just a few days ago) and it's been great as everyone wished us Happy Anniversary today. The CM who checked us into our hotel made a big deal about not believing that we could have been married 21 years because I looked so young (ah...go on with you!). Talk about knowing how to make a guest smile! The resort gave us complimentary glasses of champagne to celebrate - it was very nice to be able to send the kids back to the room so they could clean up while we enjoyed the sunset. Heaven!!

Here are just a few pics from Day 1. Enjoy!

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